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March 24, 2023

Rainfalls to continue in western, central and northern regions

Thermal comfort index will surpass the critical threshold of 80 units in southern and south-eastern regions.

Meteorologists have warned that torrential rains will be registered until this morning in western, northern and central regions and during the afternoon the thermal comfort index will surpass the critical threshold of 80 units in southern and south-eastern regions. The poor weather will feature thunderstorms, torrential rains and hailstorms. Rainfalls will exceed 40 liters per square meter over limited areas and the wind speed will be high. “Such phenomena will be registered in the rest of the regions too, over limited areas and with a smaller intensity,” the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) pointed out yesterday. Maximum temperatures will generally range from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius, while minimum temperatures will range from 10 to 20 degrees, slightly higher at the seaside. At the same time, hydrologists issued flood warnings for several rivers in hilly and mountains areas in western, northern and central regions. According to the National Hydrology and Water Management Institute, these phenomena have a higher probability of taking place on the Viseu and Iza rivers (Maramures County), Tur River (Satu Mare County), the tributaries of the Somes River (midstream, Maramures and Salaj counties), Crasna River (Salaj and Satu Mare counties), Barcau River (Salaj and Bihor counties), Crisul Repede River (Cluj and Bihor counties), Crisul Negru River (Bihor County), Crisul Alb River (Hunedoara and Arad counties) and Bega River (upstream, Timis County).Western, northern and central regions have already been affected by heavy rains. 65 localities were left without electricity on the night of Sunday to Monday in the Timis (27 localities), Hunedoara (27 localities), Caras-Severin (8 localities) and Arad (3 localities) counties. Of those, only 19 are still without electricity in Hunedoara County.

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