Romania, the EU country with most numerous agricultural exploitations

Romania has the most numerous agricultural exploitations, yet one of smallest exploitation surface areas EU-wide, with an average of  3.5 hectare, quoted Claudia Petrescu, a researcher at the Institute for the Quality of Life of the Romanian Academy (ICCV), to have said yesterday. “In EU statistics, only Malta lags behind us in this respect, with farmland division being one of the causes,” said the ICVV researcher. Statistical data show that a high proportion, circa 30 pc, of Romania’s population works in the farming sector, yet quality of life in that area shows that more than half of them can’t make ends meet from what they earn. With respect to the dynamic of agricultural associations in Romania, the ICCV study show that over the past 10 years, the number has greatly risen of those agricultural associations, along with that of their members/workers. Of the 794 agricultural associations included in the study, 54 were farm enterprises, 426, associations, 210 irrigation user associations, and 80 professional organizations. “Profit wise, nearly half of those associations (49 pc) said they made no profit, and 24 pc, only a small profit, of 3 to 15 pc. Only 3 pc made a profit upwards of 15 pc,” Petrescu also said. With regard to market presence, nearly half of those associations were only present in their place of operation, and 11 pc said they market their products in several counties.

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