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October 30, 2020

ANM: Heat wave until mid-June

Rainfalls expected nationwide only after June 20.

According to a forecast posted on the website of the National Administration of Meteorology, weather will be quite hot June 14-20, with temperatures upwards of 30C. Temperatures will rise steadily in BANAT, June 14-19, after which the median temperature will drop slightly into June 25 only to then return to normal. Yet, we are not entirely rain-free, as showers and thunderstorms, rather powerful earlier in the month, gradually made way to less precipitation. After June 20, rain will be back, more abundant than in the last days of the interval. CRISANA will see steadily rising temperatures every day thru June 20, to above 30C, only to drop slightly on a daily basis nearing the normal values for late June. During June 15-19, precipitations will be little likely, only to return in more significant quantity June 20-25.After June 15, TRANSYLVANIA will be increasingly hotter with the peak to be reached June 18-20. Weather will get cooler after that, with temperatures nearing the multi-annual averages for this interval. During June 15-19, showers will be quite scarce, if any, a trend to be reversed after June 20.Starting today, temperatures will also rise in MARAMURES and Moldova, peaking June 18-20 into highs of 30C and lows of 18C. Hardly will temperatures fall to normal seasonal values towards the end of the interval.DOBROGEA will be quite hot June 17 thru 20, with daily values of nearly 29C. Weather will then turn slightly cooler into normal seasonal values. In MUNTENIA, air temperature will see normal values for this time of the year June 14-15, with peaks June 19 thru 21, and a return to normal values toward the end of the month. Same for OLTENIA, where precipitation will be quite scarce until June 19, and turn moderate June 20-25.Weather will get cooler IN THE MOUNTAINS around June 15, when lows will only reach 6-7C, and highs, 15-16C. Then, temperatures will rise gradually to over 20C in the afternoon, June 18-20, followed by slightly lower temperatures into the end of the interval.The Health Ministry (MS) recommends that the population avoid staying in the sun for extensive periods of time, 11.00 to18.00 hours, and drink one glass of water every 20 minutes, even if not thirsty. “Doctors recommend that we should eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables (yellow and red melon, plums, cucumbers and tomatoes) as they contain large amounts of water. A dose of yogurt too has a hydrating effect similar to that of a glass of water,” Health Ministry experts say.

Counties of Arad and Bistrita hit by storms

The heat wave at noon was followed by powerful storms Tuesday afternoon, with   Arad Co the hardest hit, where over 400 houses were damaged, roofs mainly, at Peregu Mare. “Four houses have been 90 pc destroyed and 46, up to 70 pc. Fifteen electricity poles were downed, and the wind destroyed trees on all streets and cut off electricity wires too,” Mediafax quoted Arad Prefecture spokesman Lucian Cozma as saying. Also, up la 40 pc of the Commune Hall building, school, kindergarten and house of cultural.   Residents at Peregu Mare and Peregu Mic are without electricity and drinking water.  The storm Tuesday evening wreaked havoc at Rebra, Bistrita-Nasaud Co, too, where house roofs were pulled out, as well the roofs of the local school and kindergarten respectively, and several classrooms were flooded due to the downpour.


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