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December 5, 2020

PDL failure goes beyond election: party hit by wave of resignations

Sorina Placinta has defected from PDL to PNL. Five more PDL MPs could follow her to the Liberals. Several important members call for Emil Boc’s resignation as party head.

After the electoral defeat, PDL experiences a wave of ‘reforms’: the failure in election has forced Elena Udrea to quit as President of the Bucharest organisation. Having lost the mayoral election in District 6, Cristian Poteras yesterday announced his resignation as the head of the PDL organisation in District 6. Things are not ending here. Yesterday, Senator Sorina Placinta (photo), former Minister of Youth and Sport, resigned from PDL and moved to PNL. Antena 3 TV quotes sources as saying that other five PDL MPs will defect to PNL. One of them is said to be Gheorghe Seculici. After resigning, Placinta said in an interview for ‘Q Magazine’: ‘I hope neither Ponta nor Antonescu, nor the rest of us will wallow in success.’ She tried justifying her resignation saying that ‘when you have lost contact with people and with everything that happens around you, you reach a dead end.’ Several PDL members have had vehement reactions to Placinta’s resignation. One of them, Senator Radu Berceanu, even blamed the party for the defeat in election and for the loss of its capital of image. He said that the current leadership of PDL should step down and an extraordinary congress should be held to elect a new team. Berceanu said, at the Steering College meeting today, he would demand Emil Boc’s resignation as PDL President. ‘You cannot insist on being the boss and, when something bad happens, discard all responsibility’, said the leader of PDL Dolj. ‘I don’t like to see <a house> I have helped build that is tripped of its windows, roof and no one cares. Because some of us came here the day before yesterday, stayed for a while and then leave, like Mrs. Placinta,’ Berceanu explained.  He further noted that the situation the party is in after the local election should be also discussed publicly, not just inside the party, explaining that sympathisers are entitled to know where PDL is headed. 0Berceanu also said he totally disagrees with the PDL leaders who claim that they ‘almost won’ the local election and that ‘nothing happened’, because the party faces the risk of getting zero seats in the election this coming autumn. While Senate Speaker Vasile Blaga ‘advises’ and ‘asks’ his colleagues to comment on Berceanu’s attack in the party, other PDL people agree with the latter. ‘I also think we need a fast change in the party, we need to elect a new leadership’, said interim President of PDL Bihor, Ionel Avrigeanu. His opinion is shared by PDL Senator Radu F. Alexandru who, in addition, says ‘PDL needs resetting’. Cristian Poteras also agrees that the PDL heads should be changed. Yesterday, he said that, as far as he was concerned, Emil Boc should resign as Presdient of PDL, noting that, although he was ready to congratulate him for winning the mayoral election in Cluj-Napoca, his ‘political project had failed’ on June 10. A reaction to Berceanu’s statement also came from PDL First Vice-Present, Gheorghe Flutur, who said that PDL should conduct an assessment of performance and political voting for all branches and then make a decision. Someone who disagrees with Berceanu’s revolutionary statements is PDL Vice-President Roberta Anastase who said the situation of PDL should be discussed inside the party and the idea ‘should not necessarily be to behead anyone, but to take a constructive approach.’

Hasotti: More PDL senators will join PNL and PSD

After Placinta’s resignation and speculations that five more MPs were going to defect from PDL to PNL, the leaders of the Liberal political group in the Senate, Puiu Hasotti, did not appear surprised by the situation, but, on the contrary, said talks were being held with several PDL MPs who wanted to quit their party and join PNL or PSD.  Hasotti pointed out the changes were necessary to the power for preserving its majority in the Senate post September 1. Referring to Placinta, Hasotti said the discussion on her move to PNL had taken place since before the no-confidence vote against the Ungureanu Government and that Vrancea PNL leader Nini Sapunaru had negotiated with her. On the other hand, PNL deputy Ludovic Orban said Placinta has nothing to do in PNL and that he will vote against her candidateship within the party. Radu F. Alexandru also commented on Sorina Placinta’s defection: ‘It’s a decision made today, a few days after the local election, which confirms to the electorate fact that PDL is in difficulty. (…) If Sorina Placinta had resigned because she was the First Vice Presdient of PDL Bucharest and the disastrous results in election, I would have taken my hat off to that. But Sorina Placinta resigned from PDL to move to PNL.’ The leader of the PDL group in the lower chamber, Mircea Toader, also criticised Placinta, who said that her decision to quit PDL showed ‘lack of character’, adding that people should be with their party ‘for better and for worse’. The position of PDL Buzau President Cezar Preda was not as critical as it was ironical: ‘Mrs. Placinta is just another great character of Romanian politics, brought into the party three months before the election and appointed as minister immediately just because she befriended those who were at the helm of PDL, those who were so good in the government and who destroyed us in this election. Big character!’ Lower Chamber Speaker Roberta Anastase said she had been unaware of Placinta’s resignation, adding she didn’t know if any more resignations would follow, which wasn’t desirable. Senate Speaker Vasile Blaga also didn’t know about Sorina Placinta’s intention to defect: ‘I wish her all the best, she has had a fulminatory career in the party from regular member to senator and then first vice president of the Bucharest organisation. Keep it up!’


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