USL relished its local election victory

The leaders of the main parties of the Social Liberal Union (USL), Victor Ponta, president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and Crin Antonescu, president of the National Liberal Party (PNL) yesterday made exultant statements over the landslide election win last Sunday and are upbeat about the legislative elections this coming autumn.“2012 is the best year in the history of the PSD. (…) The Sunday’s result aside, central and local governance is awaiting us. Let’s not forget where we started off. We have come out from eight years in the opposition (…). After eight years, PSD has a Social-Democrat as head of government. It’s an important thing, it is for the third time this happens, after Mr. Vacaroiu and Mr. Nastase,” Premier Victor Ponta said, according to hotnews.ro.“That PNL and PC got more than they did in 2008 proves that the idea of going together was correct and we took it from the right place – PDL that is”, Ponta also said. The statements were made at the session of the National Executive Committee (CExN) of the PSD aimed at an evaluation of the outcome of the local ballot June 10 and the organizational measures reckoned as necessary in view of the parliamentary elections this autumn.At the start of the CExN session, Ponta congratulated most of the presidents and organizations, but also expressed his disappointment at PSD organizations in Neamt, Brasov, Cluj and Mures failing to obtain the expected results. In his turn, Ion Iliescu, honorary president of the PSD, drew attention that Social-Democrats need to stay decent and “not put on airs” after the local election results, Mediafax reported. National Liberal Party (PNL) President and USL Co-president Crin Antonescu was even more enthusiastic than Victor Ponta, saying that undoubtedly, the local election results represent “the PNL’s biggest electoral success after World War Two”.“This is the biggest electoral success of the PNL after the Second World War (…) I consider that at these local elections, the PNL truly represented and saved the Romanian right, while doctrinal impostors did their best to compromise the notion of the right, and I’m referring to the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), which assimilated this doctrine, and now collapsed under the unforgiving verdict of voters,” Antonescu said, in the opening of the Central Permanent Bureau Thursday session of the PNL National Executive Council.With seven county councils under its belt, the PNL becomes “the strongest party in Transylvania”, adding to which is the mayor’s seat in Bucharest’s District 1, as well as those at such important city halls as  Timisoara, Galati and Ramnicu Valcea, Crin Antonescu also said.

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