Judge Carmen Mladen, under preventive arrest for 29 days

Judge Carmen Mladen of the Craiova Court of Appeals, accused of blackmail, was preventively arrested for 29 days at the end of last week by the Bucharest Court of Appeals (CAB), which admitted the proposal made by the prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA). The court made the same decision in the case of Ionel Stoian – detained by the DNA together with Mladen, under the same accusation. The decisions are not final and may be challenged in the superior court. According to CAB, lawyer Matei Catrinoiu, the PNTCD candidate for the position of president of the Gorj Local Council, was blackmailed by Mladen and denounced her and accomplice Ionel Stoian. Catrinoiu, who said that he knows the judge since 2010 and had an affair for 2-3 months with her, was blackmailed into paying EUR 5,000 for “compromising photographs that would affect his personal life and professional career.” Judges say that, initially, Mladen claimed that she was raped by denouncer Matei Catrinoiu two years ago, but did not report the incident to legal authorities in order to protect her public image. According to judiciary sources, Carmen Mladen is accused of having intercourse with businessmen whom she knew were married. Later, she demanded them money or other benefits in exchange of her silence, threatening to destroy their personal lives if they did not comply.

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