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August 1, 2021

University Hospital receives new sections of oncology, dialysis and intensive care

The Emergency University Hospital of Bucharest (SUUB) has newly endowed sections of oncology, dialysis and intensive care, as well as a state of the art kitchen, worth over EUR 1 M, with the money coming from the vice tax, for the development of the Intensive Care Section (ATI), Mediafax reports. Moreover, the post-surgery block benefits from two important donations, i.e. a portable echograph received from the owner of Shakhtar Donetsk, Rinat Ahmetov and a smaller one offered by Mircea Lucescu, Catalin Carstoiu said. The bases of the oncology section were laid in 2004 and the arrangement lasted almost a year, with the section being formally inaugurated on January 1, 2005 in difficult conditions, says Dr. Dan Jinga, the head of the section. “In 2005, we were treating 100 patients a year, now we reached 960 a year. We speak of 14,600 procedures each year,” Jinga explained. He added that, in the beginning, the section had only one doctor, but now there are four, while the number of nurses increased from one in 2005 to six now, plus three orderlies and two registrars. The medic admitted that, at country scale, there are some issues with some medicines against cancer, which are subject to the rules of auctions. According to Jinga, who is also the president of the National Commission of Oncology, 200,000 patients with cancer are treated in Romania, of which 98,000 in oncology sections, 30,000-40,000 receive palliative treatments and 60-70,000 are cured, but come for periodical screening. SUUB also has a new tomography computer, mainly used in oncology, but also for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

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