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June 18, 2021

Romania, among the countries with lowest GDP / capita

Romania Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita registered last year represent 49 pc of EU average, 3 pc more than the 2010 level, while other Eastern European countries recorded modest growth, stagnation or even decline indicator, according to Eurostat first preliminary estimates for 2011 data. The highest level of GDP per capita in the EU27 was recorded in Luxembourg with a level of more than two and a half times the EU27 average. The Netherlands were just above 30 pc of the average, while Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and Austria were between 25 pc and 30 pc above. Finland, Belgium and Germany were between 15 pc and 20 pc above the average, while France and the United Kingdom were between 5 pc and 10 pc above. In Italy and Spain, GDP per capita was around the EU 27 average. Cyprus was around 10 pc below the EU27 average, while Slovenia, Malta, Greece, the Czech Republic and Portugal were between 15 pc and 25 pc lower, and Slovakia was around 25 pc below. Estonia, Hungary, Poland and Lithuania were between 30 pc and 40 pc lower than the average, while Latvia was around 40 pc below and Bulgaria 55 pc below.

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