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March 23, 2023

Adrian Nastase remains hospitalized

A legal medical commission will ascertain whether he can be transferred to the penitentiary.

Former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase remains hospitalized at the Floreasca Hospital until a medical commission will decide whether he can be transferred to a penitentiary’s hospital. Nastase is currently not a detainee. “The hospital’s commission established that a transfer can take place only following a medical evaluation. In this sense, we notified the Romanian Police and the National Forensics Institute,” Dr. Bogdan Oprita, the hospital’s spokesperson, stated yesterday, being quoted by Mediafax. Police urgently asked the Floreasca Hospital for info about the former Premier’s health. Policemen wanted to know whether the former Premier can be transferred to the hospital of the Rahova Penitentiary.Lucian Bolcas, one of Nastase’s lawyers, considers that transferring him to the Rahova Penitentiary would be a mistake. In his turn, Ion Cazacu, one of Nastase’s lawyers, stated yesterday that Police has initiated a “procedure” within the Bucharest Court, a procedure concerning Adrian Nastase, and that the first court appearance is scheduled today. Cazacu added that he will ask the Bucharest Court for details about the imprisonment warrant it issued, namely whether it has been enforced or not.

Appeal for annulment

Lawyer Cazacu also announced that he will file an appeal for annulment of the decision through which his client was sentenced to two years in jail in the ‘Quality Trophy’ case, however he cannot formulate the reasons for this action since the magistrates of the High Court of Justice did not motivate their decision. “The consequence of this action can be the reopening of the case concerning that aspect. We consider that the prescription deadline was June 10,” Cazacu stated. The lawyers are thus appealing against the prescription deadline in the ‘Quality Trophy’ case, Cazacu pointing out that the court of first instance erroneously calculated the prescription deadline in this case by not including the period in which the case was postponed and sent to the Constitutional Court where accusations of unconstitutionality had to be settled. According to judicial sources quoted by HotNews, an appeal for annulment is an extraordinary method of attack against an irrevocable court decision. In other development, Nastase will be summoned for September 3 in the ‘Aunt Tamara’ case, the Supreme Court judges deciding to do this since the arrest warrant issued in the ‘Quality Trophy’ has not been enforced. The Supreme Court will analyze the appeal for annulment on October 1, however the former Premier’s lawyers stated for Mediafax that on Tuesday they will file a request to change that date. The date was chosen randomly. Also yesterday, the Bucharest Court decided that the appeal for annulment will be judged on June 28, the court admitting the former Premier’s lawyers’ request to change the initial date (July 5).

No offices within PSDPSD President Victor Ponta stated yesterday that Adrian Nastase can no longer be President of PSD’s National Council. Nevertheless, PSD Secretary General Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday evening on Antena 3 that PSD does not renege Nastase because “the era” is not over and the party will support the family in this difficult moment.


Crusade of statements

On the other hand, the exchanges between USL and PDL continued. It all started with the accusations made by Democrat-Liberal MEP Monica Macovei who stated that she doubts the diagnosis reached at Floreasca, considering that one of the doctors, Dr. Serban Bradisteanu, is a Social-Democrat and was charged with corruption too. Macovei also claims illegalities were made in the Nastase case, namely in what concerns the decision to postpone his imprisonment, asking for Internal Affairs Minister Ioan Rus to be sacked. In retort, PSD President Victor Ponta stated that it is Macovei’s right to comment, pointing out that he will issue sanctions against a minister when the latter makes a mistake. Other USL leaders were stingier. Ilie Sarbu, the leader of the PSD Group within the Senate, stated yesterday that Macovei should deny her own existence and that she is living in a different, interesting world one finds hard to recover from. Puiu Hasotti, the leader of the PNL Group within the Senate, opined that Macovei’s statements are the statements of a Stalinist – Ceausist prosecutor, adding that if there are 30 degrees Celsius outside Macovei feels better in the presence of 40 degrees. The PDL MEP replied to the “men from PSD, PNL and PC,” who, lacking juridical, logical and moral arguments, defend Nastase by attacking her, pointing out that she will not insult anyone. Internal Affairs Minister Ioan Rus stated that the process of enforcing the warrant issued in the Nastase case started but was not finalized and that all actions taken in this case are perfectly legal, having the purpose of applying a court decision. Rus reiterated that he realized Nastase will commit suicide after he talked to him last Wednesday because he seemed depressed and told him he will not leave his house. According to sources quoted by Antena 3, Nastase was tied to the stretcher when he was taken to the Floreasca Hospital because he did not want to leave his house, being afraid of ending up in the penitentiary.

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