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June 28, 2022

Dr. Bradisteanu, three police officers to face prosecution in Nastase case

General Prosecutor Codruta Kovesi says there are suspicions concerning the diagnosis reached by doctors. Medics’ Guild reacted, denouncing pressures against doctors. Former PM is under detention, Bucharest Tribunal rules.

Adrian Nastase case is growing in amplitude after prosecutors started to the criminal investigation against Dr. Serban Bradisteanu and three police officers, charging them with aid and abet. According to the media, Dr. Ioan Lascar, head of the Floreasca Hospital’s plastic surgery clinic, was heard by the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) yesterday, with the same charges. Both professor Bradisteanu and professor Lascar were part of the multidisciplinary team that operated Nastase after his suicide attempt last week. Bradisteanu was also part of the commission that evaluated Nastase’s health on Monday.Anticorruption prosecutors believe that the persons included in this case had prior contacts in order to establish the way in which Nastase should be arrested and subsequently imprisoned on the basis of the final sentence issued in the ‘Quality Trophy’ case. Judicial sources quoted by Mediafax pointed out that chief commissioner and Bucharest Police Deputy Chief Gheorghe Dumitru was among those heard at the DNA. Sources quoted by Antena 3 claim that both Dumitru and the head of criminal prosecutions are not allowed leaving the country.According to judicial sources again, quoted by HotNews, Bradisteanu’s phone was tapped by prosecutors who are claiming that in a phone conversation with Nastase’s family, he allegedly said that the ex-PM’s health condition is not in danger and that he is doing ‘very well’.  General Prosecutor Codruta Kovesi stated yesterday at a meeting of the Supreme Magistracy Council that there is a suspicion concerning the diagnoses that the doctors reached. “Medical documents are being verified, the way in which they were issued,” the General Prosecutor stated for Mediafax. At the same time, she pointed out that the manner in which the judicial policemen enforced the decision to condemn Nastase will be verified, and if it is discovered that procedures were not respected the policemen’s permits will be withdrawn and they will be unable to continue working within the judicial police.

Corlatean vs. Kovesi, CSM

The representatives of the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM) criticized during yesterday’s meeting the attitude shown by Nastase’s lawyers, pointing out that they behaved ‘inappropriately’. Since General Prosecutor Codruta Kovesi (photo) asked the CSM to take attitude, being of the same opinion that the reactions of ‘ Nastase’s lawyers ‘damage’ the judicial authority, the Council’s plenum decided to notify the National Association of Romanian Bars in order for it to settle whether the defence lawyers sought publicity with their statements.Kovesi added that several attacks against prosecutors were seen in recent days, and the initiative to come to their defence is welcome, adding that from her point of view the judicial police should go from the Internal Affairs Ministry to the Public Ministry in order for political pressures to end. “This (‘Quality Trophy’ – editor’s note) is not the only case in which such persons are involved. Lately at least we are always accused of creating political cases. Our investigations focused on all political areas, we’ve investigated persons from all parties,” she added. In fact, General Prosecutor Kovesi reproached Justice Minister Titus Corlatean for the public statements he made about the prosecutors that handled the cases that concerned politicians, asking him to come out publicly and state which prosecutor has ties with politicians and which prosecutor opened or closed a case at the politicians’ request.The Justice Minister considers that it is important for state institutions to be allowed to do their job and to respect procedures and that proposing sanctions against the lawyers or the Ombudsman is too much, because lawyers have the right to use all arguments when defending a case. Corlatean pointed out that he had a reserved attitude in this case, pointing out that he will abstain from voting when it comes to sanctioning the lawyers.

Ponta won’t sack Rus

Asked about former Social Democrat Senator Bradisteanu, PSD President and Romanian Premier Victor Ponta answered that he is the Prime Minister and his government does not deal with this sort of thing. In other developments, Ponta pointed out that sacking Internal Affairs Minister Ioan Rus is not called for following the row over the procedure of enforcing the arrest warrant for Nastase. “I believe the Internal Affairs Ministry and the doctors alike have done their duty. I can’t tell you anything else, any investigation… as a Prime Minister I don’t have the right to talk about investigations,” Ponta added.On the other hand, the President of the College of Physicians of Romania (CMR), Vasile Astarastoaie, said Dr. Bradisteanu being summoned by the DNA in the absence of an expert report denying the diagnosis he had given ‘and only to give satisfaction to politicians’ was a very grievous act which indicates a dependence of the prosecutor’s office on specific political groups. Nastase’s lawyer, Ion Cazacu, said his client was ‘under the power of the arrest warrant for the enforcement of the sentence’, ‘in a legal state of detention, guarded’. He also explained that Adrian Nastase was in ‘a situation that is not regulated by the law’, because, practically, ‘the detention procedure was interrupted’. 

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