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March 23, 2023

Education Minister: Romanian Language grading standard to remain the same

Interim Education Minister Liviu Pop criticized yesterday the manner in which the subjects for the first exam of the National Evaluation 2012 were drafted and announced that the director of the Education Sciences Institute will be replaced. Pop also talked about the controversial subject encountered at the Romanian Language and Literature exam. “We know this is an ambiguous subject, however the grading standard remains unchanged,” the Minister stated.Pop added that the Education Ministry has asked the opinion of several specialists, including specialists from the Romanian Academy, and “90 per cent” of them chose the solution included in the grading standards. “The subjects were completed in March, after six months of work on them,” the Minister added. In the same context, Pop stated that the controversial subject proves that the curriculum has shortcomings and has to be changed. “In two years’ time a single curriculum was written at the Education Sciences Institute, the one for the preparatory class. (…) The institute will have a new director. The current director is on unpaid leave,” Pop added. Liviu Pop also assured parents that all eight graders will enter high school. “There are 200,000 places available in the 9th grade, and 20 per cent of the pupils did not show up at the exam,” the official added. Several parents gathered before the Education Ministry yesterday morning, dissatisfied with the solution to one of the subjects included in the Romanian Language exam. The parents claimed that the subject’s solution was not the one included in the grading standards and were asking for the subject to be re-analyzed. Many of them signed a petition.

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