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May 22, 2022

‘Failures’ revealed in Romania’s CIA inquiry

The parliamentary inquiry conducted in Romania in 2008 into the alleged CIA ‘rendition flights’ contains ‘failures’, says Reprieve, an association specialising in the defence of the rights of detainees, which labels the conclusions of the investigation attempted ‘ whitewash’. ‘New flight data unearthed and analysed by Reprieve has revealed glaring holes in the Romanian Parliament’s so-called inquiry into CIA secret detention and rendition flights on Romanian soil’ notes British organization Reprieve in a  report that can be viewed at www.reprieve.org.uk/.The former chairperson of the parliamentary committee conducting the investigation into alleged CI detention centres in Romania, Norica Nicolai, in 2011 was saying that the new CIA flight data was ‘slightly unclear and completely irrelevant’, noting that the 2008 Parliament inquiry had clearly ruled out the possibility that prisons might have existed, yet not the rendition flights. But ‘Reprieve investigators have now discovered multiple failures by the Inquiry, conducted by a Romanian Parliamentary Commission led by MEP Norica Nicolai’ – report says – labelling the conclusions of the parliamentary investigation in Bucharest a ‘whitewash’.‘Despite reviewing 4,000 documents over two years, the inquiry mysteriously failed to notice key suspicious flights into and out of Romania. The flights have been identified by Reprieve in the course of its investigation into private renditions contractor Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC),’ the Reprieve report notes.

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