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September 16, 2021

Eureko: Life insurance sector to register moderate growth

Liquidity has suffered a considerable decrease in the context of recession, leaving a strong imprint upon the insurance ‘customer’, said Eureko Asigurari Commercial Director Alexandru Leondari. ‘His behaviour has suffered some major changes, one of them being the higher attention given to products of any kind for which he needs to allocate a more or less important share of his income. When we speak of life insurance, things tend to become even more complicated, because the insurer ahs to make a financial commitment on a long term of 10-20 years, he explained. The unstable economic environment and the labour market blockages have made Romanians choose traditional insurance products with an income protection component, offering a guaranteed insured amount. At the same time, unit linked products still have their public, one with a bigger risk appetite. Leondari also said the most dynamic life insurance segment continues to be the category of products addressed to children which, in his view, is quite normal, since those are ways in which parents are able to provide a successful start into life to their children. ‘Actually, what we are seeing today is what many insurance specialists anticipated at the beginning of this period: a higher awareness of the need to have insurance in general!’ he added. As far as health insurance products are concerned, the Eureko official thinks they have been the most dynamic segment. ‘We have grown all these years because people have begun to understand that they cannot toy with their health or with the health of their dear ones. Health insurances cannot be just an option, a preference of just a few more well to do social classes. They have become a necessity because of the risks posed by modern living and expenditure incurred with the treatment of illness that occurs in anyone’s life. The public healthcare system, on the other hand, has its shortcomings that we all know’, Leondari explained.The same trend has been also seen this year, when the level of gross written health premiums in Q1 2012 compared to Q4 2011 grew by 63 per cent at Eureko, while the number of agreements also went up 30 per cent in the same period. In conclusion, the Eureko commercial director expects a moderate growth of approximately 5 per cent of life insurance. ‘Health insurance I believe can easily grow by 15-20 per cent, both per individual and per group, but it will very much depend on what happens on the market and in respect of the health reform to the implementation of which we are clsoely tied. The reform would meet the needs of our customers who, through their insurance choices and preferences, have clearly shown the standard they want for their life and the kind of medical services they want for the ones who are dear to them’,  was Alexandru Leondari’s conclusion.

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