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June 25, 2022

We need a correct national solidarity

No matter how they accuse and oppose each other, strongly claiming their fundamentally different doctrines and fundamental programmes, Romanian politicians look the same. This is precisely the source of their obstinate attitude of looking only to a perpetual present, which prevents them from finding solutions to the serious and multiple issues that plague Romania today. The prospective thinking, which is essential for any modern society, is not an attribute of the Romanian politician, who only finds interest for the present and the material possessions he can gather now. This is the source of their corruption – both material and moral. But, as soon as corruption is unveiled as the common feature of politicians, they immediately and categorically present themselves as Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, independents etc., to such extent that they forget about being Romanians. Some even despise this common identity. But, as soon as they reach an impasse or elections get near, the Romanian politicians that pretend being fundamentally different from their opponents start claiming the need for national solidarity, on the same voice. However, they demand it in support for goals that are so unilateral that they disqualify them as national power factors. This common lack of principles, dignity and responsibility is the source of the bows made by Romanian politicians to xenophobes, in order to win their support and thus ascend to power, or retain it. Even if the only proclaimed objective of the xenophobe representatives of ethnic minorities is tearing the Romanian territory apart in “lands,” based on the Kosovar model.Thus, our rulers seek no solution in perspective to the serious multiple crisis existing in Romania today. The demographic collapse is just one of the elements that form this crisis. Over the last two decades, Romania’s population dwindled by approximately 3 million, which accounts for a drop by more than 10 pc against 1990. There are many reasons for this demographic collapse, one of the most important being poverty. Some 40 pc of the population of present-day Romania lives in poverty, with the result that an increasing number of families are torn apart. There are fewer marriages and an increasing number of divorces. On the other hand, the number of abortions increases by more than 1 million a year. The National Statistics Institute recently announced that the number of child births has dropped to a minimum for the last 60 years. Plus, we have the highest child mortality in Europe, along with more and more children abandoned by their parents because of poverty, divorce, or emigration in search of a job abroad. The incidence of lung, cardiovascular, kidney, digestive etc. diseases has increased even among the young age categories, in Romania.When they are asked about these tragic realities, rulers blame everything on the former governments, while the opposition accuses the acting government for its bad policies. Caught in the crossfire of these reciprocal accusations, they eventually find each other defending the same positions. Speaking about the demographic involution, for instance, they tell us on the same voice that Romania makes no exception, as the same decline is experienced everywhere in the West, as if this “European alignment” could excuse the irresponsibility of Romanian politicians. As for the millions of Romanians that emigrated to escape poverty, we are told that they are “still ours” and will return as soon as Romania will overcome the crisis. But the crisis continues, so even more Romanians will leave their country; so, who will stay and fight against the crisis at home? Although most of our emigrants are young and well trained – hence best suited for authentic creation – in the West they are often forced to forget their professions and do low-skilled jobs.Politicians also accuse each other for the fraudulent privatisation of our big industrial units, such as the IMGB, which would have provided many jobs, if kept alive. But all these reciprocal accusations result from the sentiment of common guilt, because all governments, since 1997, privatised in excess and “for a pittance” the strategic economic interests of the country, such as oil, gas, hydropower energy, forests, resorts, mineral waters with therapeutic properties unique in Europe. The commissions illegally received by politicians from these irrational and antinational privatisations explain the fact that our poor Romania gave Europe some of its wealthiest people, with substantial accounts in foreign banks. Why should these multinational moguls recognise as fellow nationals the 40 pc of Romanians that live in poverty? Isn’t this social and economic adversity the very source of the many anti-Romanian attitudes that culminate in renouncing the Romanian citizenship, to the benefit of the arrogant label of “citizen of the world”? And isn’t this spiritual and moral alienation the explanation of the irresponsibility of politicians that blame the increased incidence of some diseases on… patients? Yes, there are political factors in Romania that blame the high child mortality on the negligence or lack of hygiene of their parents, or even on their failure to go to doctor and give their children the due vaccines. These “interlocutors” forget that poverty and increasing illiteracy explain the “negligence” so arrogantly claimed by those directly responsible for this drama. There are women that give birth without a doctor, because doctors are in short supply. The medical personnel are the first to leave the country in search of a better job. Newborns die in their mothers’ arms because 67 hospitals were closed down from lack of money, making medical services a luxury for many Romanians.Speaking about the critical health situation of the country, one cannot omit the schemes of pharmaceutical producers and retailers, which pretend to compete against each other, but are united in operating price hikes for medicines, with huge benefits for them, which are then sent abroad. Meanwhile, the increasingly numerous patients threatened to before they grow old will always be “ours.”National solidarity is the only way for us to reach the much-expected normal life. But we need solidarity between honest, correct people that place the interests of the country before their own interest.

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