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March 23, 2023

Bucharest cumulates nearly half of outstanding bank loans at country scale

Romanians owe nearly RON 25 bln to banks. This means that each Romanian must repay an average RON 1,300 to financial institutions, in order to cover the total debt, according to Antena3.ro. The extreme situation is encountered in Bucharest, where the debt reaches RON 5,000 in average per capita. Thus, they owe almost half of the bank debts at country scale, which amount to RON 10 bln, to be more precise. For a population of little over two million euros, each of these inhabitants should repay nearly RON 5,000, in average, in order to cover the total debt. Second in the top of debts ranks the county of Cluj. With total debts of RON 1.26 bln, the 659,000 inhabitants of the region should repay RON 1,915 each to cover the outstanding bank loans. Crediting problems are also encountered in Brasov, where the total debt is under RON 1 bln. The nearly 650,000 inhabitants of Timis County should disburse little over RON 1,600 each in order to repay the total debt. This exceeds RON 1 bln: in fact, it reaches RON 1.06 bln.

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