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November 29, 2022

Rallies pro and against USL, Basescu in Bucharest

Approximately 2,000 people gathered in the Revolutiei Square Thursday night for an anti-USL rally, most participants wearing white as ex-Prime Minister Razvan Mihai Ungureanu had suggested. Alongside Ungureanu, PDL leader Vasile Blaga, MEP Traian Ungureanu, Raluca Turcan, Gheorghe Flutur and the president’s youngest daughter, Elena Basescu, also participated. Protesters were distributed shirts with Crin Antonescu’s face with a Hitler-like mustache and a stricken through swastika. The participants were chanting slogans such as ‘We respect Romanian education, we denounce imposture and intellectual theft!’, ‘Ponta, resign!’ or ‘I defend the Constitutional Court’. The protest is authorized until 21:30 for 5,000 people 2,000 of them being from Bucharest and the rest of 3,000 from the rest of the country, according to the PDL request made out to the Municipality. A different protest was organised in University Square, this time against Traian Basescu. Dozens of people gathered on the National Theatre esplanade as well as on the opposite pedestrian walk, at the fountain. Retire people were shouting ‘Down with basescu1’ and ‘Impeachment!’ Over 100 people had protested at the University the day before, claiming they were in the street because they wanted to do away with dictatorship once and for good.Over 200 people protested against the political class, on Wednesday evening, in the Victoriei squares of Bucharest. Similar rallies took place in Cluj and Arad.

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