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October 23, 2021

PM asks for solutions to support farmers affected by draught

Premier Victor Ponta has asked the Agriculture Minister, the Finance Minister and the Economy Minister to present solutions meant to support farmers during the period of drought, Mediafax informs. During yesterday’s government meeting he pointed out that he was informed that the agriculture sector is affected by drought and asked the Agriculture Minister for solutions in order to support farmers. The Premier set the end of this week as the deadline. Daniel Botanoiu, secretary of state within the Agriculture Ministry, stated after a meeting with cereal grain and bread producers that this year’s wheat production will be 20 per cent smaller than last year’s production because of the unfavorable weather. He stated that this autumn’s production of barley will be smaller by 17 per cent.At the same time, Premier Victor Ponta stated that on Monday he will announce the measures that the government plans to implement starting on August 1, such as the payment of VAT only when invoices for sums of up to EUR 500,000 are paid, on condition the payments are made through the bank. He pointed out that the International Monetary Fund has to agree with the measure in order for it to be applied.

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