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December 5, 2020

Blejnar’s business dealings brought to light

Antena 1 reporters found the alleged pawn tax dodger that brought Sorin Blejnar before prosecutors, along with other top public servants.

It was a plain woman who was burdened with the millions of euro that Blejnar and his network allegedly stole, according to Antena 1.  From a cheap adobe house, she unwittingly ran a diabolical affair for mere hundreds of RON a month. In an Antena 1 exclusive, she recounted how she let herself be fooled.„You can imagine, if some 10 bln were transferred in the banck account…” That was the kind of money the woman who handled one of the front companies “juggled” with. The money actually got into the network pocket, which used some innocent pawns as cover. Now, the woman is afraid to talk to the camera. She feels she got embroiled in a major scandal. A homemaker, poor and hopeless too, the woman thought she would turn her run of bad fortune into a lucky streak when one of the seven men now arrested in connection to a corruption case file came to her with a business proposal.   “A year ago, this guy Mitica Chirvasitu came and told me about the company, I told him to tell me if something is wrong, that I won’t go into trouble, given I have children”.The woman started the business of which she also was a manager. She did not know anything about the business turnover or the network dealings. She learned to make payment orders along the way. “I didn’t know how to make them, they explained me how and kept doing the transactions for two months. You can realize they were not so stupid to tell me about what they were doing,” the woman said.They didn’t tell her they defrauded the state by over 15 M Euros . Through a complicated  scheme, the 17 member network purchased  during 2011-2012 more than 33,000 tons of diesel fuel which they then sold to front companies, which in their turn made sure the diesel oil appeared as black oil in documents One of those companies was quartered in the woman’s adobe house in the village of Viisoara, commune of Cobadin, where transactions worth millions of Euros were conducted with no excise taxes being paid to the state. Not only that, the front companies benefitted from top protection.The network pawns also include Elena Bancu, a plain woman from  Kogalniceanu. The notion that she was right at the heart of the petrol mafia both scares and amuses her. “I’m no company manager, because I ain’t. We in a company with this guy, what’s his name … Blejnar!”  Her name nevertheless appears in the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) report, along with that of the former head of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF), Sorin Blejnar ,and 17 more defendants.“Romania libera” daily newspaper makes further disclosures, saying that the   DNA report proposing the remanding into custody of the two defendants in this case  – Viorel Comanita and Codrut Marta – concludes that the money was transferred abroad as far as the United Arab Emirates, to a company owned by Radu Nemes, one of the leaders of the network. Nemes and Marta are reported missing, with DNA prosecutors conducting the investigation in their absence.

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