Antonescu at anti-Basescu rally in Timisoara

Interim President Crin Antonescu said at the anti-Basescu rally organised by USL in Timisoara, Sunday evening, that the suspended president and ‘his people, knowing they have lost all credibility, keep making one threat: Europe’. Antonescu said his message to all the European friends is ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’. According to Antonescu, no one has the right to ask Romania to get out of Europe because Romania is in Europe thanks to the sacrifice of the hundreds of thousands of Romanians killed in communist prisons and not thanks to Basescu or Monica Macovei. “There is no complete Romania without Europe and there is no complete Europe without Romania”, he said. ”The interim president said that, during the Revolution of December 1989, Basescu ‘was hiding in an office of the communist nomenklatura and, during the miners’ riots on June 13-15, ‘while people were being beaten and chased down’, Basescu was in the Government, organising trains to bring miners in Bucharest and Macovei was a prosecutor and she said nothing’. He called upon Romanians to vote in the referendum on July 29 if they want a rule of law state and an independent judiciary. ‘It is not we that block cases, Traian Basescu is. It is not we that have been excepted by justice, his close friends are. Every person should participate in the referendum and state their position because these people have been robbing us in front of the entire country’. The participation of the interim president in the Timisoara rally has been harshly criticised by PDL leader Vasile Blaga, who said ‘it is not at all the thing to do’. Labour Minister Mariana Campeanu has replied to accusations, arguing that Antonescu had the right to express his political position as Basescu did and had done. ‘I have not seen anyone worried about the fact that Mr. President who was supposedly the president of all Romanians was a participant in PDL’s meetings’, Campeanu said. PNL’s former leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu also said on Monday that the interim president did well when he came out and passed a clear message in Timisoara, asking Romanians to vote for their future.

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