Blejnar banned from leaving country

The former head of the National Agency for Tax Administration (ANAF), Sorin Blejnar, yesterday was served a notice by the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) banning him from leaving Romania in the following 30 days. The prosecutors’ decision was made in connection with a case where Blejnar is accused of supporting, from May 2011 to July 2012, the crime group that used an ample tax evasion mechanism in order to avoid paying excises for diesel oil sold as inferior petroleum products. Investigators introduced the ban after informing Sorin Blejnar on charges and questioning him on them. The ban may be challenged at the Bucharest Court of Appeal. After spending approximately one and a half hours at DNA’s yesterday, Blejnar said he had given a deposition where he presented everything he knew about the situation, meaning ‘nothing’. The other suspects in the same case are Blejnar’s former chief of staff Codrut Marta, ex-Customs chief Viorel Comanita and 15 other people. The former chief of Intelligence and Internal Protection Service (SIPI) Constanta, Dan Secareanu, and seven other individuals in the tax evasion case with an estimated damage of over EUR 15 M have been remanded in custody for an initial period of 29 days. The former head of the National Customs Authority (ANV), Viorel Comanita, and two other people have received a ban from leaving the country. The court also issued default arrest warrants for Blejnar’s former chief of staff, Codrut Marta, for Radu and Dana Nemes, Ovidiu Ioan Moldovan and Mihai Gulea and a ban from leaving the country for Stefan Puscasu. The six have been prosecuted in the same case. Since they have not been found yet, the prosecutors asked for default warrants.

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