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October 25, 2021

Antonescu: If Basescu returns to office I will leave

Interim president Crin Antonescu stated on Tuesday that he is ready to take responsibility for the eight days he has spent at the Presidential Palace where Traian Basescu spent eight years and claimed that the whole international row stemmed from the suspended president’s “desperate struggle,” Mediafax informs. Thus, Antonescu claims that the whole international row created after the president was suspended stemmed “from his desperate struggle and from the lack of any other argument in his fight for his office.” The interim president also pointed out that he has promulgated the referendum law in the context of “pressure, insistence from our European partners on two issues, namely on having a law quicker, because an emergency ordinance does not have the same value, and on the Constitutional Court recognizing that law, whatever it is.” He underlined on Tuesday, on Radio Romania (RRA) that the country suffered “huge public relations damages” lately, claiming that there was “contamination” between international publications such as ‘Le Monde’ and ‘Washington Post.’Moreover, Antonescu stated that he plans to attend one or two more rallies in the campaign for the July 29 referendum, his message continuing to be for the citizens to come out and cast their votes irrespective of their choice. Interim president Crin Antonescu stated on Monday evening that he attended the rally in Timisoara, a rally organized by the civil society, in order to ask Romanians to cast their votes and to point out that Romania cannot be kicked out of the EU. In what concerns the results of the referendum, Antonescu stated several days ago that he will retire from politics in case Basescu is not impeached. On Tuesday he stated on Realitatea TV: “if Basescu returns to office I will retire so as not to bother Mr. Basescu anymore. I believe more than a majority of registered Romanian voters suffered a lot during these years.”

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