Andreea Marta, her sister and a taxi driver arrested in deluxe prostitutes’ case

The Bucharest Tribunal (TB) yesterday issued remand warrants for Andreei Marta (the wife Sorin Blejnar’s former chief of staff), her sister, Maria Magdalena Lungu, and Valentin Panait, a taxi driver who allegedly performed some services for cash. The TB ruling can be challenged in the Bucharest Court of Appeal. We remind our readers that prosecutors at the Directorate for Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) held Andreea Marta, and her sister, Maria Magdalena Lungu, in custody for 24 hours for organizing a criminal ring concerned with procuring and prostitution towards acquiring of significant undue material benefits. Andreea Marta was summoned to appear before the DIICOT in a procuring case where she is charged with recruiting persons of good material condition who were facilitated love meetings with girls from Romania, Monaco, Switzerland and Italy. Also, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday evening to maintain the remand warrants in absentia for Codrut Marta and husband and wife Radu and Dana Nemes, while Ovidiu Ioan Moldovan will be investigated while free in the 15 M-plus euro tax evasion file. Andreea Marta made as much as 10,000 euros during a single trip to Monte Carlo from trafficking girls recruited to entertain rich men, judicial sources said. She placed “virgin orders” in the Republic of Moldova for which as much as 3,000 euro was paid and in Bucharest the girl trafficking ring got up to 10,000 euros. In exchange for sexual services, the girls received 300 to 500 euros.

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