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August 10, 2022

Defence Commission: Installing STS phone line within Basescu’s campaign HQ, illegal

Cristian David (PNL), Chairman of the Senate’s Defence Commission, stated yesterday, after hearing Special Telecommunications Service (STS) chief Marcel Opris, that the members of the commission reached the conclusion that installing the special STS phone line within suspended president Traian Basescu’s campaign headquarters is illegal. Thus, David pointed out that the suspended president cannot use a telecommunications system as the one installed by STS, underlining that General Opris exceeded his prerogatives. According to Cristian David, the commission’s conclusion will be sent to the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT).“The commission did not discuss technical elements of a strictly operative nature at the level of the exchange of information and documents within CSAT. We talked about what has to do with the supervisory and parliamentary control prerogatives that the parliamentary commission exercises over the STS,” David argued. He added that the members of the commission consider that “the suspended president, whose prerogatives are fully suspended, does not have access to this special telecommunications service.” “Consequently and implicitly, access to these services is not legal,” the chairman of the Defence Commission added. According to David, the CSAT decision includes a list of beneficiaries of this special telecommunications service and a suspended president is not included in it. Asked whether the special phone line installed within the campaign headquarters has to be removed, David answered: “Certainly, since it does not observe the legal framework.” The chairman of the commission also pointed out that the members of the commission are of the opinion that CSAT should decide what steps have to be taken from now on. Nevertheless, Marcel Opris claims the opposite. Thus, the head of the STS stated after his hearing that he presented documents and CSAT decisions that show that installing the special phone line was done legally. “We do not make the procedures, we implement them. There’s a big problem. I believe my presence here is not important now, those that have to decide whether I acted legally or not on the basis of the documents presented are important. I’m not the interesting person,” Opris stated, being quoted by Mediafax. He pointed out that he cannot show the aforementioned documents to the press because the procedures are classified. “They were presented to the commission. They are allowed to see them. There’s a special provision that says what a beneficiary can or can’t have,” the head of the STS added.

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