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December 10, 2022

Ponta, in London on July 27

Premier Victor Ponta announced while on a B1 TV program Wednesday, that he would go to London July 27 for a meeting with British officials. Referring to the meeting with British Foreign Secretary William Hague at the  Otopeni Airport on Tuesday, the PM specified that the meeting initiated belonged to  Martin Harris, the UK Ambassador to Romania.  “I had a meting with the UK ambassador in Sunday. (…) He told me: <<My foreign secretary comes from Jordan, he may make a stopover in Bucharest, if you, too, have the time, you two can have a private discussion while the plane is being fuelled >>. I scheduled my coming back from Chisinau so that I could have a meeting with the British foreign secretary since it was important. It’s an important EU country and I wanted it to be informed <about the political situation in Romania>, I will pay such visits any take I will have the opportunity to do so. On July 27, I will be in London and I will meet with more important ministers,” Ponta said, according to his website www.victorponta.ro.  Democrat-Liberal MEP Marian Jean Marinescu however yesterday appeared concerned about the British foreign secretary’s visit to Romania, saying that unless “some signals are the case, such meeting would have taken place”: “To me, what this visit means is NATO, the North-Atlantic cooperation, (…).  Our position in the Union must be preserved at any cost, we don’t need to be isolated and by no means we don’t need to enter in the sphere of influence of other states outside the European Union”.

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