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May 18, 2022

An exceptional air show on Bucharest sky

Over one hundred planes and helicopters participated this Saturday and Sunday in a great air show at Baneasa Airport, the starts of the air performance being two of the most famous air acrobatics teams of the world, Frecce Tricolori (Italy) and Turkish Stars (Turkey).Introduced by organizers (National Company Bucharest Airports, Bucharest City Hall and Ministry of Transports and Infrastructure) as the greatest air show ever performed in Romania, the air performance celebrated 100 years of history for Baneasa Airport and it brought a few thousands spectators inside the airport.Dangerous crossing, high effect looping, direction changes and flying down raised the emotion level of the audience and led to applauds and acclamations.During these two days, Baneasa Airport also hosted the first general aviation exhibition in Romania – General Aviation Exhibition, where several types of aircraft were exhibited, ranging from light aircraft to business jets.The Frecce Tricolori (Italian, literally Tricolour Arrows), officially known as the 313° Gruppo Addestramento Acrobatico, is the aerobatic demonstration team of the Italian Aeronautica Militare, based at Rivolto Air Force Base, in the north-eastern Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, province of Udine. They were formed in 1961 as an Air Force team, replacing unofficial teams that had been sponsored by various commands by the end of the 1920s.[1]The team flies the Aermacchi MB-339-A/PAN, a two-seat fighter-trainer craft capable of 898 km/h at sea level, with nine aircraft and a solo (the highest number of aircraft of any aerobatic team in the world).The Turkish Stars (Turkish: Türk Yıldızları) are the aerobatic demonstration team of the Turkish Air Force and the national aerobatics team of Turkey.The team was formed on November 7, 1992 and was named the Turkish Stars on January 11, 1993.Turkish Stars fly with eight Canadair NF-5s, making them one of the few national aerobatics teams to fly supersonic aircraft, and the only one with formations of eight supersonic jets. Twelve F-5s are available to the team.

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