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July 31, 2021

Gov’t wants Rosia Montana contract declassified

The mining project license contract could be declassified, yet only if the Romanian state amends the classified information law, Rosia Montana Gold Corporation officials say.

In a Facebook post Friday, Premier Victor Ponta said that he might ask the Rosia Montana contact be declassified and announced his intention to directly ask Rosia Montana Gold Corporation to accept this step, saying there is nothing to hide, if the contract helps Romania, and given the pro lobbying “from the highest level.” (…) I know this would make many upset, I know I will again stir the mound of interests. I’m curious to learn what they are going to invent this time to create yet another red herring. I have learned many of them take absolutely no interest in discussing this contract,” Ponta said, who added that the declassification request will be conveyed after he will discuss the issue with the ministers concerned.  In a Mediafax statement, Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC) officials made the point that while the association document with the Romanian state is public, the license contract is classified nonetheless, and the declassification law needs to be amended beforehand.  “If the Romanian state amends the law and allows the declassification of mining license, then, we will abide the law, as we have done until now,” RMGC states.According to the PM, Environment Minister Rovana Plumb will present government with a factual report on the situation at Rosia Montana at the soonest. In her turn, the environment minister said Saturday that the government session this week will pass a request to the RMGC to agree to declassify the exploitation licenses for the Rosia Montana project. On Friday, Social-Democrat Senator Dan Sova said that the Executive will find a solution to declassify the Rosia Montana contract, saying that, if it’s a good contract, then everybody should know it, and, if to Romania’s disadvantage, then it should fall under the incidence of the national Anti-Corruption Directorate.  Cristian Albu, President of the “Mining Future” trade union, replied that “any information on mineral resources, including mining license contracts, represent classified information under Law 182/2002on classified information, and the provisions of art. 5 (4) from the Mines Law no 85/2003. (…) We hail the intention of ruling parties to examine thoroughly the Rosia Montana project, in the hope that they will decide in favor of the start without delay of mining in the Apuseni Mountains, an area in a state of degradation and despair!”

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