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March 31, 2023

“Walking thru Bucharest” – third edition

Free invitation to Bucharesters. The project will unfold each weekend during July 28 – Sept 9 along the route the Romanian Athenaeum – The United Nations Square.

Bucharesters and tourists in passing thru the capital, too, can participate in the third edition of “Walking thru Bucharest”, a project inviting them to discover the city step by step, project organizers, The Romanian Association for Culture, Education and Normality (ARCEN), announced. It is an invitation for Bucharesters to look at the city in a different light and, not least, to love it. ARCEN offers a pedestrian guided tour free of charge and also an alternative for spending your spare time in the heart of the city. It will take place each weekend July 28 thru Sept 9 along the route the Romanian Athenaeum – The United Nations Square, on Saturdays, 11:00 hours and Sundays, 18.00 hours. ARCEN states that it resumes the project “Walking thru Bucharest” wishing to give back to Bucharesters the lost history of the city, at a time the Capital is strongly suffering from a lack of urban cohesion and a burgeoning but chaotic development that led to a massacre of Bucharest’s history and cultural heritage.The ARCEN volunteers prepared for this year’s about how Bucharesters overcame the crisis in 1929, as well as how they used to spend their summers: what public houses they went to, what delicacies they ate, what songs they hummed or where they found their escape from the unbearable heat. Visitors will also learn about the love stories at the time, the plots and jokes that made the rounds from one end of the Victory Road to the other.The guided tour will last two hours, will start from the Romanian Athenaeum, and tour guides will speak in Romanian, English and French.

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