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March 27, 2023

Company and personal loans slightly down in June, to RON 227.086 bln

The non-governmental credit balance was down 13.1 M RON, to RON 227.086 bln, from May, amid a 1.2 pc reduction of RON equivalent foreign loans, according to yesterday’s data published by the National bank of Romania (BNR). Also, on June 30, 2012, noon-governmental credit posted a rise of 6.3 pc (4.2 pc in terms) from June 30, 2011, on the strength of a 4,.2 pc of the RON component (2.1 pc in real terms) and 7.5 pc  of the RON equivalent of the foreign loan component (expressed in euro, foreign loans were up 2.3 pc), BNR states in a communiqué, Mediafax reports. Also, non-governmental RON credit was up 0.1 pc, to RON 34.398 bln in June, from May, yet, the first half saw a 2.9 pc decline year on year. RON company loans were up 3.6 pc in June, from the previous month, to RON 48.086 bln, while the six-month increase stood at 9.9 pc. Personal foreign loans totaled RON 70.979 bln, down 0.5 pc in June against May, yet up 6.8 pc in the first half against Jan-June of 2011. Also company foreign loan fell 1.8 pc in June, to RON 73.622 bln, yet the first half hike stood at 8.3 pc. Governmental credit shrank 2 pc, to RON 80.624 bln. On June 30, the governmental credit registered an increase of 19.9 pc (17.5 pc in real terms) compared to June 30, 2011. BNR also showed that personal and company savings deposits fell 1.2 pc from May, to RON 191.041bln, yet they are up 9.6 pc year on year. Therefore, RON personal deposits dropped 0.2 pc in June, from May, to RON 75.518 bln, yet posted a rise of 13.3 pc (11.1 pc in real terms) against year on year. Foreign currency deposits fell 0.2 pc in June, from May, to RON 65.143 bln (in euro, foreign deposits were up 0.1 pc, to 14.640 bln euro).Compared to June 2011, residents’ RON foreign currency deposits rose 7.9 pc (in euro, up 2.7 pc).

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