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October 1, 2020

Corruption is a phenomenon that sticks to those in power, DNA head says

In an interview with Mediafax, Daniel Morar, Chief Prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA), whose term in office is due to expire August 12, holds that “corruption is a phenomenon that sticks to those in power, who hold the levers of power and those who have a say on how the state budget is used.” If it’s to look at recent sentences, and I’m talking the sentences in the first pat of 2012, we see that those who went behind bars early this year are from all the three large parties in Romania.  And we have five – two ministers, one state secretary, two MPs – and they all come from all the political parties,” the DNA head says, in whose view, the, DNA found its identity, is praised, and he is hopeful nothing wrong will happen to this institution after his departure, as he has no reason why something good should get changed. Morar maintains that, unfortunately, during the past couple of years, corruption is mainly combated thru criminal law means, which is inefficient, given the phenomenon is more widespread than prosecutors and police could cope with. Also, the DNA head considers that judges look all too much at political changes or think and accept to too great an extent the belief that a juridical institution depends on politicians. “Eventually, it is obvious that political decision makers influence the way a criminal investigation is carried out, by pure and simple changing a law, so on and so forth, by providing financing or not. However, I believe that magistrates should be more concerned about what happens within the system and take into account that, eventually, all the penal investigations, if we refer to penal justice alone, are conducted by prosecutors and judicial police officers, yet they are subordinated to prosecutors,” Morar said during the interview.The DNA chief prosecutor says: “I don’t understand those colleagues or former colleagues who are trying – aside from a certain case – to obtain positions thru non-transparent negotiations.” “It is normal for the proceedings to be transparent, it’s normal for the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) too, to see you, the minister as well so the president could decide based on well-established criteria, and mainly on the basis of a CV and those negotiations shouldn’t be made in restaurants or the catacombs of their juridical life,” the DNA head warned.

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