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June 13, 2021

RON/eur and USD rates down

The RON has slightly appreciated in the first part of the day, following indirect intervention from the central bank, which led to BNR’s RON/euro and RON/USD rates falling to  RON 4.6186/euro, and RON 3.8040/USD, after three successive all time highs. The RON also gained ground against the SWF, with the exchange rate declining from RON 3.8630/SWF to RON 3.8455/swf, Mediafax reports. The RON began appreciating since the second part of the previous session, when the rates dropped slightly to under RON 4.63/euro, from a historic record of RON 4.65/euro. The interest charged by commercial banks on one-day placements stood at 4.76 – 5.24 pc, close to Tuesday’s 4,8 – 5.29 pc a year. Also, One-week yields stagnated at 4.86 – 5.34 pc a year.

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