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February 3, 2023

Marga again calls for Syrian ambassador to be expelled

Foreign Affairs Minister Andrei Marga stated that Romania has already contacted opposition forces in Syria and is talking about the situation there as it is clear that is heading towards a political transition, Mediafax informs. Considering this situation, the Syrian ambassador to Bucharest has to be expelled, a measure that the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) proposed two months ago but which the President refused, Marga stated on Wednesday evening on TVR Info. “I continue to believe that the reasonable solution for Romania is the one I proposed two months ago. We’ll run our analyses, the MAE can make proposals, first of all we’ll also discuss with the presidency and prime minister and then we’ll see what the solution will be in the following days,” the minister pointed out.He stated that the survival of Bashar Al-Assad’s regime is no longer possible and the direction is to contribute to the unification of Syrian opposition forces and to the start of the political transition. Likewise, he pointed out that the security situation at the Romanian embassy in Damascus is tenuous and a joint initiative will have to be adopted with the other EU countries that still have embassies in Damascus.In other developments, Marga stated that Romania’s and Bulgaria’s Schengen accession timetable has not changed following the publication of the Mechanism of Cooperation and Verification (MCV) report. Thus, the accession is still possible in two stages, October 2012 for air and maritime borders and March 2013 for land borders. He pointed out that “up to this hour” France and Germany, the initiators of the two-stage accession solution, “did not communicate in any way that they changed their view, they have maintained this solution up to this hour.” Likewise, asked about the position adopted by the Netherlands, a country that was waiting for a positive MCV report in July in order to green-light the Schengen accession, Marga stated that so far the Dutch government has not changed its position, a position that also depends on the one expressed by Germany and France, and also on the elections that will take place in the Netherlands in September.Asked whether that position will change after the September elections in the sense of the Netherlands opposing Romania’s and Bulgaria’s Schengen accession as a consequence of a higher number of far right MPs entering the Dutch Parliament, Marga pointed out that “things are evolving in a positive manner.”

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