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October 22, 2021

FM Marga: “Strategic partnership with US remains unchanged”

Foreign Affairs Minister Andrei Marga (PSD) talked in an interview for ‘Jurnalul National’ about the reconfiguration of the political spectrum in Romania once the Ponta Government came to power and about our country’s relationship with the West. Thus, Marga stated that Romania recently went through a democratic reconfiguration of the political spectrum, the changes taking place “at an accelerated rhythm,” something that created “a series of misunderstandings at certain levels” (an allusion to the recent international reactions towards the changes made by the new Parliamentary majority and by the Ponta Government – editor’s note). “Dialogue with the European Commission (EC) and with the other European institutions is a top priority in correctly and promptly offering information about the developments in Romania,” Marga stated, being quoted by jurnalul.ro, pointing out that our country will continue to answer constructively and openly to all aspects underlined by the EC.In what concerns the arguments that support Romania’s Schengen accession this year, the Foreign Minister reminded that the European Council reconfirmed in March the fact that our country has fulfilled all juridical conditions for the accession. “We continue to support a decision of gradual accession, a solution that enjoys support among member states. There is no change in what concerns the Schengen accession timetable, which means October 2012 for the maritime and air borders and March 2013 for the land border,” Marga pointed out, reiterating the fact that EU’s Cypriot presidency has given assurances that adopting a decision on Romania’s (and Bulgaria’s) Schengen accession is part of its mandate. According to the minister, this issue will be tackled during the Justice and Home Affairs Council in September. Asked for a comment on Traian Basescu’s statements that “the missile shield in Deveselu is not in danger, at least not until after the results of the July 29 referendum are announced,” Andrei Marga gave assurances that the strategic partnership with the US will continue on the basis of the timetable the two countries agreed on: “This partnership is not a conjectural option, it’s a constant endowed with the value of national interest, which transcends political circumstances. The signing of the agreement on the deployment of the American missile shield in Romania represents a project that has a major strategic weight in the overall economy of bilateral relations.” On the other hand, Marga stated that he invited Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, to take part in the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diplomatic Corps this September, a meeting dedicated to 150 years of Romanian diplomacy. The invitation was accepted. Marga also pointed out that his French counterpart Laurent Fabius also accepted the invitation to take part in a visit to Bucharest on the occasion of the aforementioned meeting.

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