Open doors at Dante Villa on the referendum day

The government decided yesterday, on the referendum day, to open the doors of Dante Vila, the one which, according to the National Administration of State Protocol Patrimony (RA-APPS) data presented by PM Victor Ponta would have been renovated with costs over EUR 1 M to become Traian Basescu residence at the end of this term in office. The executive substantiated this decision to organize the Day of Open Doors at this villa “from the wish to secure transparency”. Thus, yesterday, during 10.00-20.00, all those who wanted could visit this villa which belongs to the state protocol and which is near the current residence of Traian Basescu, Vila Lac 3. According to Antena 3, more than 2,500 Bucharesters came here until 15.00.PDL leader Vasile Blaga asked on Saturday RA-APPS to renounce this Sunday the organization of the Open Doors Day at Dante Villa, indicating that he was also requesting PM Victor Ponta to organize a day of open doors “at his apartment of 500 square meters” or in Cornu where “he has two villas”. Blaga accuses the fact that the respective action is “a brutal tentative to manipulate electors during the day of vote and a type of masked electoral campaign, conducted by USL through state institutions”. He maintained that the action would be used “to generate acts of violence in the area of the official residence of Romania’s President.”Along the street leading to Dante Villa, where the car traffic was stopped, there were yesterday inscription made with a chalk on the road, at each few meters, with the text “To Victor Ponta Villa!” or “To Dottore Ponta Villa!”. Ioana Basescu, the suspended president elder daughter, came this Sunday morning in the area of Dante Villa wearing a white T-shirt with a logo “Absent for a reason” and having a camera used to take photos of the inscriptions on the road. She was welcomed with booing by the few persons who were waiting to enter Dante Villa.Political sources said for Mediafax that PSD notified Municipal Electoral Office (BEM) in relation to the inscriptions made in this area and Police of Bucharest speaker, Alexandru Niculae, confirmed that BEM alerted District1 Police who is investigating the case. Suspended President Traian Basescu said this Thursday that he would lodge a criminal compliant against PM Victor Ponta, maintaining that he should be held liable before the law for the statements that he allegedly had asked for Dante Villa to be renovated for being used after the cessation of the term in office. Yet, he admitted that he used to swim in this villa until the time of suspension and he said that SPP would not have allowed PM Victor Ponta inside Dante Villa, belonging to RA-APPS, since he was swimming in the swimming pool of the protocol villa at that moment. According to a RA-APPS document, the furniture from Dante Villa was bought with the special destination of a lodging residence not a protocol villa and in 2014 a decision would have been passed based on which it would have been attributed to a “former head of state”.

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