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October 27, 2020

Domestic political reactions – criticism and aggressiveness

Immediately after finding out the partial results of the referendum, both the Social-Liberal Union (USL) and the Democrat-Liberal Party (PDL) resumed the war of words that they started approximately one month ago. In what seemed like the remake of the 2009 elections, on Sunday evening both camps stated they won. Nevertheless, Conservative Party (PC) President DANIEL CONSTANTIN stated that the majority will use all democratic means to implement the result of the referendum, adding that the said result was deliberately vitiated by PDL and Basescu. Besides, former Prime Minister CALIN POPESCU TARICEANU (PNL) stated that Traian Basescu has to resign, pointing out that at this moment Romania finds itself in a political crisis for which he is exclusively to blame. Furthermore, Lower Chamber Speaker VALERIU ZGONEA stated that USL mulls attacking PDL’s boycott at the Constitutional Court (CC). Former Romanian President ION ILIESCU stated in his turn that Basescu should no longer have the courage to “show his face.” “I don’t think Basescu has any authority to return, morally speaking; he was rejected by a crushing majority, he has no place at Cotroceni,” Iliescu pointed out. According to FM ANDREI MARGA (PSD), Basescu’s legitimacy has completely vanished, given nearly 86 pc of referendum voters cast their ballots for the president to be suspended. “The USL result is an excellent one, given the circumstances – holiday, an extremely hot day, many people were away from home. It’s a massive confirmation of the USL political options. However, unless for the boycott, all the targets would have been reached,” Marga said.PNL Deputy TUDOR CHIUARIU, a former Justice Minister, said that the USL would address the Constitutional Court to apply the law in effect at the moment the referendum was launched, namely Law no 3/2000 in the form amended by emergency ordinance OUG 41, which does not include the condition of 50 pc plus one of the registered votes casting their ballots. On the other hand, the Democrat-Liberals do not seem to mind the overwhelming share of Romanians that voted for Traian Basescu’s impeachment, being thrilled with the fact that the voter turnout threshold was not reached and the suspended president can return to office. PDL President VASILE BLAGA stated yesterday morning that the Constitutional Court should note that the referendum has not been validated and the Court’s decision should be read in Parliament. After that, Basescu can return to the Presidential Palace.Moreover, former PDL President EMIL BOC considers that after the referendum “the top priority is returning to normalcy,” and USL has to know that the Romanians’ true problems are the exchange rate and the economy, not political fighting, and should understand that cohabitation can be achieved. PDL Bucharest’s interim president ADRIEAN VIDEANU claims that one cannot talk about a vote against Basescu at the referendum, pointing out that those that boycotted the referendum punished the 256 MPs that suspended the president. A similar point of view was expressed by Centre-Right Civic Initiative leader MIHAI RAZVAN UNGUREANU who also stated that what happened at the referendum represents “a victory for common sense and the citizens’ victory against a policy that disregards their interests.” PDL Vice President THEODOR PALEOLOGU also “applauded” the suspended president’s victory. Thus, Paleologu wrote on Sunday night on Facebook that the referendum leaves Traian Basescu “weakened,” while Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu are “completely discredited.” According to PDL Bistrita-Nasaud President IOAN OLTEAN, the referendum’s results have proven that the people are more rational, more balanced, smarter and better informed than those that “pretend they know everything” (alluding to USL – editor’s note) imagined.There is a need for “intelligent compromises” after the referendum on Sunday, July 29, for Traian Basescu’s dismissal –PDL first vice-president CRISTIAN PREDA told RFI. He added that the referendum outcome shows “the failure of the USL, a union born to actually destroy Traian Basescu and to pave the way for the team Ponta at Victoria – Crin Antonescu at Cotroceni Palace”. Preda also admitted this also attests a “sanction vote” against Traian Basescu.In his turn, PDL Vice-president SEVER VOINESCU, in a post on his socializing page, criticized the political situation in Romania, describing “Ponta and Antonescu as the most stupid politicians of the past 20 years “.

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