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April 23, 2021

Referendum results: 46.23 pc voter turnout, 87.52 for impeachment, 11.15 pc against it


The final results are expected today. The Constitutional Court has the final say, deciding whether it will validate or invalidate the referendum.

Traian Basescu will remain in office, the voter turnout being insufficient to validate the impeachment referendum. Thus, according to the data released by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) yesterday at 2 PM, after the results from 99.97 per cent of the voting centres were tallied (18,544 voting centres from a total of 18,548 – editor’s note), the voter turnout stood at 46.23 per cent. 87.52 per cent of the voters that took part in the referendum voted in favor of the impeachment. According to BEC President Gabriela Bogasiu 8,455,356 persons of the 18,288,757 registered voters took part in the referendum, representing 46.23 per cent of registered voters. The number of votes in favour of impeaching President Basescu stood at 7,400,508 (87.52 per cent). 943,031 persons voted against impeaching President Basescu, representing 11.15 per cent of those that took part in the referendum. According to the data presented by the BEC President, 111,797 votes were null, representing 1.32 per cent of the total number of votes cast. Bogasiu pointed out that the data presented yesterday also includes the votes tallied from 281 of the 306 voting centres set up abroad. Although another BEC communiqué was scheduled last evening, the BEC president announced that the communiqué will be presented after the final results are centralized, most likely later today. “No significant changes are expected from the 0.3 per cent voting centres that are yet to send their final data, so the Bureau will no longer present another communiqué on Monday (yesterday – editor’s note),” Bogasiu stated, being quoted by Mediafax. Voter turnout in rural areas was higher than the one in urban areas: 51.61 per cent as against 41.76 per cent. Here are the counties that registered the highest voter turnout: Olt (74.71 pc), Mehedinti (70.46 pc), Teleorman (70.16 pc), Giurgiu (60.67 pc) and Valcea (60.44 pc). At the opposite end, the counties with the lowest voter turnout are: Harghita (11.56 pc), Covasna (20.6 pc), Satu Mare (28.23 pc), Mures (33.96 pc) and Arad (34.99 pc). Some politicians consider that low voter turnout should be sanctioned. Thus, PNL Cluj Vice President Horea Uioreanu stated yesterday that the voter turnout results are “unsatisfying,” adding at the same time that measures against Liberal branches will be taken, going as far as the exclusion of leaders. “It doesn’t seem normal for voter turnout to be below 50 per cent in communes in which we have mayors and powerful branches. The expectations were higher,” Uioreanu stated. He reproached UDMR for the fact that it did not mobilize its electorate. “It’s their (UDMR leaders’ – editor’s note) decision that will be weighed at national level,” the PNL Vice President stated. In reply, UDMR President Kelemen Hunor stated on Sunday evening that he rejects any speculation on the role that the Hungarian community played in this referendum and that he cannot accept Hungarians being declared guilty for this referendum. He pointed out the fact that low voter turnout in the Szekler region is not a novelty. At the same time, UDMR Senator Frunda Gyorgy stated that it is “unfair” and he is bothered with the “attempt to paint the Hungarians guilty” for the low voter turnout, stating that in Transylvania “there is a higher sympathy for Basescu” and UDMR’s message was “unconvincing.” 

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