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May 20, 2022

Basescu – USL cohabitation necessary, PDL leader maintains

PDL President Vasile Blaga stated yesterday during a press conference that cohabitation between the Presidency, represented by Traian Basescu, and the Government, represented by USL, is possible and necessary. He stated that the government has a lot of work to do, pointing out that the IMF is coming to Romania, and did not really prepare its homework. “The economy is nose-diving, the RON is going up, from this point of view the government has to look at the drought, at the agriculture sector, because we’re going through hard times. The government should govern,” Blaga added, being quoted by realitatea.net. On the other hand, he stated he does not believe USL will spare for time when it comes to convening the special Parliament session that will note the fact that the referendum was not valid, pointing out that Hannes Swoboda, the leader of PES, asked PSD to quickly validate the result of the popular vote. “If not, we’ll convene it (the extraordinary session – editor’s note), but I don’t think they will do that,” the Democrat-Liberal added, pointing out that the preliminary data could be presented later today: “PDL announced that the voter turnout stands at 46.26 per cent and that is what the Central Elections Bureau’s (BEC) official data will also show.” He added he asked the leaders of PDL’s county branches to come up with copies of the supplementary lists of voters in order for them to be checked and for those that cast multiple votes to be sanctioned. Prior to making these statements, Blaga pointed out that USL’s arguments in favour of having the referendum validated are “childish.” “I ask USL to understand the electorate’s will and to respect the law and the Constitution at least in the 11th hour. (…) Only a single thing has to be truly taken into account: the people’s will,” the PDL President stated. In what concerns the number of Romanian citizens taken into account at the referendum, Blaga stated that the census’s current data will be validated on September 20, 2013. Asked what he thinks about Premier Victor Ponta’s decision to no longer take part in Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) meetings, Vasile Blaga answered that Ponta is “irresponsible” and failed to understand a single thing from what democracy gave to him, pointing out that one cannot continue to put up smokescreens to cover one’s incompetence.

Mircea Toader replaced at helm of PDL Galati

Meanwhile, the first “collateral casualties” of the July 29 referendum have started to appear. Thus, Mircea Toader, leader of PDL MPs within the Lower Chamber, was replaced at the helm of PDL Galati. Mihai Capra, former secretary of state within the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), was appointed interim president. Asked what the reasons behind the decision to replace Toader were, Vasile Blaga stated that the Galati branch needs someone that can prepare it for parliamentary elections. Blaga however pointed out that Mircea Toader will remain leader of PDL MPs within the Lower Chamber. He added that the PDL leadership is analyzing the referendum campaign activity of all county branches, as well as their activity on referendum day, and the leaders of other county branches will be replaced too. Mircea Toader took over PDL Galati in 2006.

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