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January 28, 2022

A manuscript from Stephan the Great time, History Museum’s central piece

Since July 27, Romania National History Museum proposes the visitors, within the project “Exhibited product of the month”, the micro-exhibition “Tetra-gospel of Monk Spiridon. A wonderful manuscript from the time of Stefan cel Mare”. This micro-exhibition mainly addresses a manuscript ordered by Stephen the Great and copied at Putna Monastery by Monk Spiridon, completed on April 23, 1502, which was further on donated by the Moldavian Ruler to his church (erected in 1498) under the sign “Birth of Saint John the Baptis” of the king courts from Piatra Neamt. Monk Spiridon was one of the skillful calligraphy experts and miniature designer, trained at the cultural center within Putna monastery. The manuscript was part of the inventory related to Romania history treasury which was taken to Tzar Russia in 1917, where it returned from in 1956 together with part of the historic and archaeological values. The tetra-gospel of Monk Spiridon is still an opportunity to depict the personality and time of the great Ruler of Moldova, Stephen the Great, and evidence to the flourishing miniature art within the monastery school from Putna. The micro-exhibition is open during July 27 –August 27 and it is open for visits between Wednesday and Sunday between 10.00 and 18.00 in the Central Lobby of Romania National History Museum from 12, Victoriei Avenue.

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