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May 20, 2022

Antonescu: Fundamentally, Basescu was dismissed in the referendum

The interim supposedly president maintains his decision to quit politics, which he will announce “at the right time, when the referendum will be completed.”

Fundamentally, Traian Basescu has been dismissed by those who elected him as president of Romania, by a real majority of the citizens that have the right to vote,” interim president Crin Antonescu said Tuesday evening, at the Cotroceni Palace. According to Antonescu, the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) has to make a very difficult decision on the result of the July 29 referendum, but he hopes that “the decision of CCR will give precedence to reality, against paperwork, against arithmetic games and tricks that have nothing to do with the essence and meaning of democracy.”“In legal terms, we expect and respect the verdict of the Constitutional Court,” Antonescu added, saying that no matter what verdict CC will give, the institution must not be blamed for it.The interim president also emphasised that the number of votes cast for impeaching Traian Basescu, compared to that of the votes that led to his nomination as president proves a reality that is by no means “relative.”Asked whether he maintains his decision to resign if Traian Basescu survives the referendum, Antonescu said that he already made his decision, which he will announce at the right time, when the referendum will be completed.“I know what I say and, in the 20 years since I am in politics, I have always known and meant what I stated. I already made a firm decision, in conformity with all the principles I observed and observe in politics, and I will announce it at the right time,” Antonescu stated.He did not want to elaborate, saying that this is his only answer now, while he is interim president, as he will talk neither about Crin Antonescu the politician, nor about PNL or anything else now.Crin Antonescu did not miss the opportunity to attack suspended president Traian Basescu, saying that he has no regret for having promulgated the law that imposed the 50 pc turnout condition to validate the referendum, and that Traian Basescu acted like a cheater when he said that the promulgation of the law could have been postponed.Commenting Basescu’s statement that “those who organised the failed coup d’etat must answer to the state institutions,” Anotnescu said: “I have words to qualify it, but I cannot use them here. (…) Traian Basescu has always made threats. (…) There is fear in every human being, same as there is hope and courage; the important thing is if you defeat it or not. I have long defeated it an Traian Basescu’s threats do not impress me, though they still disgust me, because it is unacceptable for someone who was head of state and wants to be once again, to make threats.”According to Antonescu, Traian Basescu’s statements on the coup d’etat are “a nonsense that harms us.”The interim president also rejected Basescu’s idea about USL having a moral obligation towards him.“What I know are the moral obligations of Traian Basescu towards the citizens of Romania, I know how he infringed them, but I will not elaborate. As for USL, I am absolutely sure that nobody has any kind of obligation – moral or of another kind – towards Traian Basescu,” Antonescu stated.Speaking about the referendum, Antonescu said that, at the conclusion of an election campaign in which one does not win 100 pc of the votes, there is always the regret that one could have done things better and it means that one has not been convincing enough.He got personally involved in the campaign by calling people to vote, and the impressive answer obliges him and fills him with gratitude for all these people, Antonescu added.According to Crin Antonescu, all the analysts and politicians that speak about a divide between electorate and the political class should think twice.The democrat-liberals condemned yesterday the ‘USL political discourse of Crin Antonescu’, considering as inadmissible to make pressures upon the Constitutional Court while being interim president. ‘Antonescu has to accept that the referendum has been invalidated and he has to return to his party,’ PDL vice-president Cristian Boureanu said.

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