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October 17, 2021

Anonimul Festival to start on Monday

The Anonimul Film Festival will take place in the Danube Delta’s Sfantu Gheorghe this August, as it did in the past nine years. The Festival is an annual, competitive, non-specialized event organized by the Anonimul Foundation. It includes three competition sections – feature films, short fiction films, short animation films – and non-competitive programmes such as an international panorama (films that won awards at different festival this year), homage, retrospectives, screening of Romanian films, special programmes, public debates featuring film directors and film critics. Seven feature films, 24 short fiction films and 18 short animation films enter the competition each edition, on the basis of a selection made by the Festival’s selection team, the organizers inform.This year, Istvan Szabo’s “The Door” feature film, whose cast includes Helen Mirren, will open the Anonimul International Film Festival taking place on August 6-12.Screened for the first time in Romania, the film tells the story of Magda, a writer seeking fame, and of her maid Emerence, a known and respected person in her neighborhood, who is nevertheless very lonely. A dramatic event in Magda’s life determines Emerence to reveal certain moments and aspects of her traumatizing past, a past which explains her odd behavior. “The Door” depicts the bond that forms between the two women who are extremely different and, at the same time, the tragic end of this relation. The film is based on Magda Szabo’s novel, a novel which brought her the Femina Etranger prize in 2004. Istvan Szabo is one of the most appreciated Hungarian film directors of the last decades. In the 1960s and the 1970s he directed films exploring the experiences of his own generation, as well as Hungary’s recent past. He is known for his “Mephisto” trilogy (1981, winning an Oscar), “Colonel Redl” (1984, winner at Cannes) and “Hanussen” (1988). His English-language titles include “Meeting Venus” (1991), “Sunshine” (1999), “Taking Sides” (2001) and “Being Julia” (2004). The Anonimul Foundation which organizes the Festival informs that Tudor Giurgiu’s second feature film – “Despre oameni si melci” – will open the Evening of Romanian Film on August 7. The film tells the story of a group of workers employed in a bankrupt plant in the early 1990s. Everything changes when one of the guys finds an unusual solution to save his colleagues from unemployment and the plant from bankruptcy. This is Tudor Giurgiu’s second feature film, after “Legaturi bolnavicioase” which premiered in 2006. Apart from Andi Vasluianu and Monica Barladeanu, the cast also includes Dorel Visan, Andreea Bibiri, Valeria Seciu, Ovidiu Crisan, Ion Grosu, Clara Voda, Alina Berzunteanu, Jean Francois Stevenin and Robinson Stevenin.

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