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January 25, 2022

Swoboda: Basescu is eligible to return to Cotroceni, whether he still holds legitimacy is yet to be seen

In an interview with ‘Gandul’, Hannes Swoboda, the leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, said that Traian Basescu is eligible to go back to Cotroceni, yet, whether he still holds legitimacy is yet to be seen. “I regret that the situation after referendum isn’t clearer than that before it. There is neither an outcome nor immediate consequences to be drawn from this vote. The danger is not to get into a political deadlock to prevent further reforms,” states Swoboda, who urged Romanian politicians to give up the personal disputes which have done nothing but harm the country. They need to start cooperating instead, now that the proceedings for Traian Basescu’s dismissal have failed,  Swoboda says that while he strongly believes that what Romania needs now is political cooperation, he is nonetheless skeptical that the political war in Bucharest will have a “cordial” conclusion. He also said that while he respects Premier Ponta “for everything he has done so far and for his wish to take Romania out of economic crisis,” “my support is not unconditional. Political affiliation is not enough. I urged him right from the start to listen to Europe’s criticism to his actions and I publicly asked him to observe the European Commission recommendations, whatever they might. He listened to my advice, hence the abrogation of the emergency ordinances questioned by the Commission,” Swoboda said.

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