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October 4, 2022

The hottest day of this year was yesterday, a cooler weekend ahead

The North African air and the cloudless sky brought yesterday 41 – 42 centigrade in many of the cities of South, South – East and East of Romania. The highest temperature was reached in Calarasi, Slobozia and Giurgiu. Only in North, North – East and in the mountain was better because wind blowed stronger. There were also electrical thunders here and there. “Today can be compared with July 15 when temperature exceeded 40 centigrade in some localities. It was comparably warm during July 16-25, 2007 but it was July not August”, as Dinu Marasoiu, weather forecaster on duty said for “Gandul” newspaper. He specified that temperature is 10 centigrade over the normal values. Temperatures should range between 24 and 31 during this time period.The good news is that astarting today temperatures shall decrease to 36–37 centigrade even in the Southern part of the country. “Over the weekend, temperatures shall decrease even more so that normal values for this time period shall be recahed,” Marasoiu said.Weather forecast for August and September seems to be not so good for agriculture. The volume of precipitation continues to be low and temperatures shall be over the specific average value of this time period in Romania. The most affected areas are the most important agricultural areas of the country, those in East and in South. The strong drought so far shall turn into severe drought.

Over 6,700 ambulance calls

The ambulance service registered over 6,700 calls in the last 24 hours, 181 of them being cases that called for medical assistance, after high temperatures led to cases of lipothymia and dehydration, the Health Ministry announced yesterday. Ambulance services mobilized 1,150 ambulance vehicles for emergency cases, and 1,161 first-aid points were set up at national level. No deaths were reported in the last 24 hours, the aforementioned source informs. 24 persons fainted on the streets of Bucharest. 457 ambulance calls were registered from 8 AM to 2 PM, the Bucharest Ilfov Ambulance Service informs. The Bucharest Administration of Hospitals and Medical Services (ASSMB) has set up, since June, medical tents that have air conditioning, water, qualified medical personnel, pharmaceutical drugs and special medical devices. The tents are located in Cismigiu Park, Romana Square, Victoriei Square, Herastrau Park, University Square, Moghioros Park, Carol Park and Unirii Square. Over 4,000 persons use the tents every day, being offered water and medical advices, ASSMB Medical Director Dr. Tania Radulescu said.What should be done during hot days

Doctors advice for hot weather is to drink at least 2 l of liquids without the thirs feeling to appear. We should drink one glass of water at each 15–20 minutes. In addition, we should eat fruits and vegetables which have much water inside: yellow mellon, red mellon, plums, cucumbers and tomoatoes. Yoghourt is another type of hydrating food. Doctors say that alcohol should not be consumed at all 8including beer or wine) because this favour dehydration. One should also avoid high cofeine drinks such as cofee, tea, Coke – or those with sugar such as carbo-gas juices because these also favour dehydration.Experts advise luke showers during day, without wiping the water and if we have air conditioned then it should be thus settled as temperature to be 5 centigrade below the room temperature. We should evoid any sun between 11 and 18.Those who have to go out and be exposed to warm must wear light and natural fiber clothes.

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