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October 23, 2021

Dan Sova, defended by the head of the ‘Elie Wiesel’ Institute

The director of the ‘Elie Wiesel’ Institute, Alexandru Florian defended the minister for the Relation with the Parliament, Dan Sova for his past statements that offended the Jewish community. According to Florian, Sova is among the few politicians that admitted their mistake and apologised. “Mr. Dan Sova made a very risky statement. Then, after studying documents and informing himself about the recent history of Romania, had the flexibility, capacity and critical mind to change his opinion. (…) He is among the few politicians or public people of Romania that had this intellectual capacity to assume a mistake and even to apologise. I think that the fact that he apologised is rather relevant,” said the head of the ‘Elie Wiesel’ Institute. “Historical data show that 24 Romanian citizens of Jewish origin were killed in Iasi by soldiers of the German army. (…) No Romanian soldier participated. This is a historical fact,” Sova said on TV, earlier this year. According to historians, over 13,000 Jews were killed in the Iasi pogrom of 1941.

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