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October 5, 2022

Gitenstein: The Romanian-American partnership will last

The United States Ambassador to Romania, Mark Gitenstein, yesterday said that, both in Romania and the United States “governments come and go”, yet, what is important is the partnership relation between the two countries, which will last forever and cannot be destroyed.  Mark Gitenstein, while attending a Romanian-American military drill at the Air Fleet 71 Campia Turzii, said that Romanian and American troops train together, fight together in  Iraq and Afghanistan and die together.The US envoy said he would like to tell everybody that what is special about the drill, is neither the American technology nor the sophisticated weaponry, but the fact that 335 American and Romanian troops are training together, share the same ideas and build a partnership. Governments come and go, both in Romania and the USA; what is important though is what happens with the troops, a partnership relation between Romanians and Americans is built, between the two countries, which will last forever and cannot be destroyed. “We are training together, here, at Campia Turzii, we fight together in Iraq and Afghanistan and we die together,” the American diplomat said.He quoted from William Shakespeare’s “Henry V” and conveyed to the Romanian troops that they are “my brothers”, as he also did three years ago.“Henry V told his soldiers:  “For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother;” This is what I feel about Romanians, you are my brothers and my sisters, and our relationship will last forever,” Mark Gitenstein concluded.

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