23.5 C
August 4, 2021

Heat wave subsides: 12 degrees C in the mountains and 24 at the seaside

After the extreme heat of these weeks, weather will move the opposite way, as temperatures are expected to drop significantly until August 12, when highs will range around 25 degrees Celsius.

Weather gets cooler these days, with an average maximum temperature on August 12 expected to reach 12 degrees at the mountain, 24 degrees on the seaside and 25 degrees in Muntenia, according to a forecast issued by the National Weather Administration (ANM) which covers the interval until August 20.According to ANM, temperatures will strongly decrease in Muntenia until August 12, when the highs will stay around 25 degrees Celsius, then it will get slightly warmer, with highs around multi-annual averages between August 14 and 20.From 9 to 12 August, and then again on August 15, there will be an increased probability of showers, lightning and wind gusts. In the other days of the interval, the chances of rain are low.In Dobrogea and on the seaside, until August 12 temperatures will drop each day, from highs of 35 degrees these days to approximately 24 degrees at the end of the interval. A slight warming will be experienced between August 13 and 15, then highs will stay around 28-29 degrees Celsius, in line with the average temperatures registered around mid-August.Thunderstorms and wind gusts might occur between August 10 and 12, while around August 15 there might be some light rain. In the rest of the interval, the chance for precipitations will be rather low, according to the same forecast.At the mountain, the gradual cooling of the weather will take maximum temperatures down to an average of 12 degrees on August 12, with a low of 4-5 degrees at night. The following days will bring slightly higher temperatures, with highs of 18 degrees and lows around 10 degrees Celsius, which are normal for mid-August.The chances to see some precipitations – mostly showers and thunderstorms – will increase between August 9-15, with a peak around August 11. In the rest of the interval, there are chances only for light rain in the afternoon, during short time intervals.

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