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January 28, 2022

Rus: ‘I took the best decision’

Former administration and interior minister Ioan Rus yesterday described his decision to step down as “the best” and an expression of his belief that “in politics, men have their own way”.The ex-minister outlined that the criticism that interim president Crin Antonescu leveled at him during a televised program Tuesday, confirmed that his decision was “right”.“Mr. Crin Antonescu’s public intervention on the evening of Aug 7 strengthens my conviction that my decision was the best. I took it when I understand that I was unable to do what either Traian Basescu or Crin Antonescu wanted me to do. One, to enlarge the lists, the other, to shrink them. It is their war. I came at the ministry to do my job and this is what I did, organizing on short notice both the elections and the referendum without incidents,” Rus said.The former minister also said he would go back to Cluj-Napoca with “a bitter taste”, yet, he remains firm in his conviction that “in politic, men have their way”.Interim president Crin Antonescu Tuesday evening said that former interior minister Ioan Rus “was lying” when he said he had been pressured, adding that he could sue him for libel, yet he has “other matters to attend to”, and insisting he put no pressure on Rus.Antonescu also said that his alleged pressure on the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) is a gross lie that meshes perfectly, whether Rus is aware of it or not, with  Traian Basescu’s  propagandistic idea of such pressure being put on the ministry. Vasile Dancu, a close political associate of Ioan Rus, says “he had been pressured from within the ruling coalition to do things he didn’t consider legal”. In an interview with the CityNews.ro, Vasile Dancu also said that the “PSD has changed and the struggle for the interior minister’s post is important in an age where prison has become a political yardstick. Ioan Rus would not allow himself to be dragged in any dirty deeds, he would not get into any immoral cahoots or solidarities. Asked what was the Social Liberal Union (USL) going to do now, Dancu said the “USL would stand to lose a great deal from Ioan Rus’s departure. However, I think that somebody estimated how big the credibility loss would be. Rus had the second-highest credibility rating in government, and, aside from contesting from some political activists or their partners in the National Liberal Party (PNL) he was a guarantor of seriousness to voters. Furthermore, he was the best, yet frail link, between government and such important region as Transylvania is. Otherwise, I have no idea what is the USL’s plan. I hope Victor Ponta knows well what to do and his plan could be put into practice under the circumstances wherein he gives up on one of the generals who secured his back “.

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