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September 27, 2020

Some USL leaders are voicing doubts over the government’s activity

The main problems are the cancellation of the mini-census and other “confuse” actions of the governmental team.

A state of nervousness is growing inside the USL, according to the news website ‘Gandul’, which claims that it is generated by the government’s operation of updating the permanent electoral lists, which are decisive in establishing the quorum in the referendum for impeaching President Traian Basescu. Some PSD leaders criticise the cancellation of the mini-census announced by PM Victor Ponta last week, while also reproaching other “confuse” actions of the governmental team. The main accusations against the premier refer to appointing Ioan Rus as Interior Minister, the faulty communication, and the actual way lists are updated.
The Constanta branch of PSD does not understand, for instance, why Rus has been kept in his ministerial position, although he infringed several decisions made by the Executive Committee of the party, says the source. “During the latest Executive Committee, the leaders of territorial organisations demanded Rus to remove from electoral lists those whose ID cards are no longer valid. He probably did not want it. Ponta agreed to it, but our count showed that about one million people were in this situation. It took him just one push of a button in a software programme, but Rus just did not want to do it,” the president of CJ Constanta, Nicusor Constantinescu told ‘Gandul’.
He did not hesitate to accuse Rus of playing for suspended president Traian Basescu, instead of supporting the USL. According to the source, the latest census found almost 100,000 less voters on electoral lists, in Constanta County alone. ”We forced INS to admit it in court. Rus should have requested the lists from the INS. Why did he not do it?” Constantinescu wondered.
Another PSD leader that wished to remain anonymous is displeased by Ponta’s sudden changes of mind; on Friday, the PM announced a mini-census meant to clearly establish the number of voters still living in Romania, but Tuesday he dropped the idea.
In PNL too, things are similar. “We must get over it and hold tight. We must be confident in Ponta that he will make a correct count and will remove from lists those who do not belong there. We cannot find out that we still have 18 million at the conclusion of this list updating process,” a PNL leader said. In his turn, PNL vice-president Rares Manescu told Gandul that one must also do a “census of ID cards.” Last but not least, interim president Crin Antonescu had a rather critical attitude against the government and Ponta personally, saying that maybe he was “intimidated and threatened,” but he still must act energetically and without fear.

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