Enforcing the co-payment in the health system has been postponed

The clawback tax was not on the agenda of Saturday talks, but it will be lower than initially estimated, Health Minister Vasile Cepoi says.

Enforcing the co-payment system in the health system has been postponed, because Romanian authorities did not commit themselves to observing any deadline, in the talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Health Minister Vasile Cepoi said Saturday, after talks with the IMF mission, according to Agerpres quoted by
“The co-payment will be negotiated with the associations of patients, professional associations. The law provides that the level of co-payment will be established through negotiations. A majority of patients’ associations opposes the co-payment system. Probably (talks) will take a long time. Negotiations will start next week. The previous talks had set the enforcement of co-payment for this autumn. Now, we committed ourselves to no deadline, because this is how the law left the Parliament, with the provision that the level of the tax and the services are decided through negotiations, hence we cannot assume no deadline,” the Health minister explained at the conclusion of negotiations with the IMF.
The government official also spoke about the clawback tax, saying that this did not make it to the agenda of talks held Saturday at the HQ of the Finance Ministry, but its level will decrease compared to initial estimations.
Enforcing the co-payment system is a commitment of the government to the IMF, introduced last year in the agreement with the financial institution, the European Commission (EC) and World Bank (WB). The government promised that payment exemptions will not exceed a proportion of 40 pc of patients.
Early this August, the Health Ministry put on public debate a draft government decision which rules that contributors to the public health insurances system will co-pay for the medical services provided in hospitals, including both day hospitalisation and continuous hospitalisation, provided by the basic and facultative medical service package of hospital assistance, except for the hospital medical services provided by the palliative care sections/wards, and the mandatory hospitalisation of certain categories of mental patients. The co-payment for medical hospital services provided in a day hospitalisation regime is RON 60 for the I and I M categories (the highest for mono-specialty hospitals), RON 50 for categories II and II M, RON 40 for category III, RON 30 for category IV and RON 20 for category V and non-classifiable hospitals. In the units authorised by the Health Ministry to provide medical services in day hospitalisation regime, the co-payment is RON 20, according to the draft act. The minimum level of co-payment is charged for visits to physicians without professional degree and with a specialist professional degree, and is of RON 4 per visit, and the maximum is charged for visits to physicians with primary professional degree, and is RON 5 per visit. In the specialised ambulatory medical care, the co-payment for consultations granted by physicians with specialist professional degree is RON 5 per consultation and RON 7 for those granted by physicians with primary professional degree.

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