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June 23, 2021

Macovei: Impeachment’s goal is to take control of the judiciary

PDL MEP Monica Macovei stated on Saturday in Timisoara that USL’s goal is to take control of the judiciary by impeaching President Traian Basescu, stating at the same that the judiciary has to be “people’s friend.”
“Since 2005 we have prosecutors that have grown bold, that have learnt how to investigate, how to investigate politicians, including members of PDL. I’m sure the goal of this impeachment and of throwing the country into turmoil is to take control of the judiciary. I remind you that the procedure to appoint prosecutors within DIICOT, DNA is made at the proposal of the Justice Minister, with the Premier’s approval,” Macovei stated.
At the same time, Macovei stated that European leaders “are concerned with what is going on in Romania” and that Premier Victor Ponta is trying to change the result of the referendum by infringing the Constitution.
The PDL MEP added that unlike other countries Romania is posing political, not economic problems to the European Union.
Macovei criticized PM Victor Ponta, stating that after his visit to Brussels in June he came with a list of promises that he did not respect. Moreover, Macovei claims that the Premier is trying to change the result of the referendum by infringing the Constitution.

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