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August 13, 2022

Adrian Nastase, first blog entry from jail

Former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, currently serving time at the Jilava penitentiary, wrote a new entry on his personal blog after well over 45 days since the Supreme Court session in which he was sentenced to two years in jail and after his suicide attempt on June 20. “After a month and a half I feel like I woke up from a deep coma. I look around at the political life, at the dissensions and chaos settling in increasingly more and I wonder who benefited from my “emblematic” sentencing,” the former Prime Minister’s blog entry reads. Adrian Nastase was sentenced to two years in jail in the “Quality Trophy” case on June 20. Nastase states that a new chapter started in his life after June 20. “For me dignity continues to be dignity. Same goes for honor and friendship. And I will continue to define cowardice and opportunism as such,” Adrian Nastase.

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