PM Ponta reviews his achievements on the blog

Prime minister Victor Ponta makes on his blog a “preliminary report” at 100 days after taking control of the government, in which he mentions as his greatest achievements “stopping the politically organised theft at Hidroelectrica” and dealing with the problem related to the “organised crime ring that existed in ANAF.” At 100 days after becoming prime minister, Ponta explains that it is still too early for a full activity report and promises to do this before the November elections, when he will seek the support of Romanians “to continue” what he has started. “But I would do a small preliminary report, named <<100 days of stopping the big robberies perpetrated by PDL governments>> – and I would give just two very well-known and clear examples: I would start with what I think is the biggest achievement of the acting government – stopping the politically organised theft at Hidroelectrica – through the difficult decision of appointing a special administrator; this is what I achieved: I put an end to the contracts with the smart guys that caused losses worth over EUR 1 bln since 2010 alone, when they were extended by Videanu (and we will continue to save money, instead of continuing this Democratic-Liberal robbery), we stopped the political interferences with the company and prepared it for being listed on the stock exchange, at its real value,” the premier writes on his blog. He also refers to the “organised criminal ring existing at ANAF,” which he says is “promoted by Gheorghe Falca and the Arad group, with the direct protection of Traian Basescu.” After the preliminary report was posted on the internet, former PM Emil Boc sent his successor the message that “life beats the blog.” Boc recommended the acting chief of the Executive to ask Romanians about the exchange rate of the RON against the EUR and the price of gas, in order to have a clear image of the 100 days of governing. On the other hand, the first vice-president of PDL, Cezar Preda announced that the Democrat-Liberals will soon present their own version of the ‘100 day report.’ “Mr. Ponta must be politically and economically undressed of what he achieved in 100 days, and he cannot cover himself anymore with this curtain called referendum and Traian Basescu,” Preda said, quoted by realitatea.net. He added that the party prepares, this week, the “almanac of lies” told by Victor Ponta since he took office as prime minister until now.

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